A Cornish Tien Mu Shan

We have no Mountains in Cornwall but we have the Godolfin hills, where from there you can see both coasts in one sweep of the eye. These hills are small and not very famous, but I relate much to this view.

I have made more Yuan type teabowls.
This time I wanted to control the firing even more, as well as the post firing;
in order to get an even more luminus and darkest black.
A cross between Tien mu tenmoku and Black Seto.
This is why they are so hard to photograph they are shining deep mirror black.

To achieve this end I fired my kiln with 3 burners, turning one burner off every half hour to get a more even reduction.
After the firing I opened the kiln red hot 1300° and took out ( with massive metal blacksmith tongs) the teabowls one by one. Two of the early ones actually have the tong mark inside the bowl.
Then I closed the door only to reopen it 20 minutes later to take more teabowls out.
By this time the heat inside the kiln had managed to reoxidise ever so slightly the remaining bowls, adding more brown specles to the rims and the glaze.

Bronze , blue.. the glaze melted just enough to start thickening up at the base.
I think 15 minutes more and they would have dribbled too much .. fine very fine line..

Prices are 130 euros per Chawan, delivery is 15 euros. That is 100£ plus 10£ delivery or for the US 180$ plus 20$ delivery. I kept only 7 chawans in this firing, One has already gone .
email me at mrmfrancois@gmail.com

Je me suis remis à faire des bols à thé. Cette fois j'ai voulus avoir encore plus de controle sur la cuisson et le refroidissement.
Leurs prix 130 euros plus 15 euros de frais d'envoye. Je n'ai gardé que 7 chawan de cette cuisson.
mon email mrmfrancois@gmail.com