Something Special..

Handcarved porcelain.

I am so proud of this one!

In my view it is worthy enough to hold the finest tealeaves, something as a maker which is so rare to be thinking but some of the conception of the motif is my brothers, so some credit goes to him.

Someone you love comes to tea; no biscuts are in the cuboard but not to worry.
Some teas speak for themselves..
A myriadic Fukamushi cha, an existential Gyokuro, a sensual Dan Cong, a pure Da yu ling or a perfect oriental beauty .. your choice. One thing is certain some will be charmed forever.

Cette jarre en porcelaine de 100g est taillé à la main.
J'en suis si fier ce qui est rare pour un artisan, mais le motif est celui de mon frère donc c'est à lui que revient le compliment.
ça fait 2 ans que le 'master mould' de cette piece m'attends patiamment.

Sasha et Stéphane, elle est la compagne parfaite de nos 'precieuses'!