Here is my first miniature jar especially made for Gong Fu cha.
It holds enough tea for quite a few delightfull afternoons.

This one lends itself well to my absolute favorite high mountain oloong, the one and only Da Yu Ling.

Voici ma première jarre miniature conçu spécialement pour le Gong Fu cha. C'est Stéphane qui m'a conseillé d'en fabriquer, cette taille est à une échelle plus 'propice' et risque plus de prendre sa place sur la table; plutôt qu'une plus grande Jarre, qui comme il le dit si bien, "reste souvent à embellir l'étagère.."

Contenance 50g de Oloong 'roulé'

This is a small Tien Mu/Tenmoku jar, prefect for rolled Oloong, where I have placed my highly roasted Dong Ding. As I have said a little earlier in French, it was Stéphane who inspired me to make these miniatures, as larger jars often stay on the shelf!

they contain 50 g of rolled Oloong